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Is Providing Reliable Accommodations a Struggle For You? Are you ready to have a true partner
to work with?
Are there specific challenges you've faced
in the past regarding accessibility?
Have you previously contracted with a
company that couldn't meet your needs?
Is your organization ADA compliant? Do you need to provide quality
accommodations in areas where they
are not readily available?
Do you think providing services is too
complex and expensive?

We are the partner to guide you there. Don't just offer accommodations
that are "good enough".
Become the standard of
empowerment and accessibility
in your industry!

We Simplify Together, we take what
can be a difficult
process and we streamline it for you.
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Our Core Services In-Person & Remote Every organization has a unique set of needs.
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Remote Services Nationwide Coverage Certified Interpreters Cost Effective Minimal Setup "It's very important to us that we work with companies that have the flexibility to work with our students in a variety of settings. Wilder's ability to provide remote services has helped our students access our courses." - Anne C. - Staff Support Team Manager FREE DEMO

"...our area does not yet have enough qualified interpreters. Wilder was able to provide coverage to all of our students in a very tight time, and their team also took time to make sure that our students and in-room interpreters were prepared to utilize the technology for communication, going so far as to visit the campus."

Stephanie C. - Director DSP&S

Your organization faces many challenges. Providing exceptional accommodations shouldn’t be one of them.


We screen our Interpreters and Captioners to ensure they are a model of ethics and ability, with the majority holding one if not multiple National Certifications. Additionally we place a high value on the “soft” skills of positivity, friendliness, empathy, and a genuine interest in the well-being of others. We hold ourselves to the highest standards on every job, and it shows.


By leveraging advancements in technology WIS is able to offer the highest level of accommodations across the country. This includes servicing Clients that have previously been neglected due to limited availability of qualified Interpreters and Captioners in their area. We believe technology is not the solution for every situation, but when applied with the human touch, it can bridge gaps and open doors that were previously closed tight. We strive contstantly to improve our services and the way we deliver them.


We believe the foundation of any solid relationship begins with trust. We will earn your trust with every encounter. You want to provide the best accommodations for your employees and customers, and you are not willing to compromise on their satisfaction. We want you to rest assured that as our partner, we will work diligently to protect and promote the good name you have already established. This is our promise to you.

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